Klaus Kux


At the exact coordinates 59.892821, 10.672018, Kux was swimming in the Oslo Fjord wearing his wetsuit and carrying his rescue sack. This moment fulfilled a lifelong dream for him. It was a very athletic endeavor and also quite an art, as he almost overtook a massive ferry named "Color Line." ;-))

Watch the video: Oslo Collection, here.

Nordic Pyramids

What? Pyramids in the North?

The Nordic coordinates now complement the interdisciplinary process artwork of Klaus Kux, as both, Birgit and Klaus Kux went on a roadtrip.

The route led them through Nienburg, Oldenburg, Schleswig, Als, Frederikshavn, Gothenburg, Kungälv, Verden, Ankum, and Halberstadt before returning home.

An extraordinary experience!

Many art postcards, a formal method used by the Kuxi's, found new owners.

Kux's art comes to the people with joy, colors, tolerance, communication, and always creates a moment of surprise.

The "Pyramid" is now in the final sprint. Final spriiiint!

As of 1st May 2024, the artwork includes 627.2 kilometers swum in both swimming pools and extremely challenging open water conditions.

Look forward to the final film of the "Pyramid", the LXIV, which will soon be available on his YouTube channel @KuxArt.


Another circle is closing!

In December 1983, Klaus Kux received a thick mail art letter from Japan. It contained beautiful photographs of Kyoto/Japan (see "hall of kux art", basement, mail art 1983-1989).

Kyoto – unreachable? No.

Birgit and Klaus Kux lingered during another art trip in March 2024 in this great city in Japan. A lifelong dream came true.

And the art? That was a "big deal"!
But see for yourself in Pyramid, number LX and number LXI.


“Think in copper” is the motto that the Kux couple used for the current edition of their art postcards. During their stay on the island of Cyprus, other themes were also influential: Cyprus has a border! Cyprus has been and continues to be a crossroads of cultures, religions, and nationalities. Cyprus boasts magnificent landscapes and... many colorful fish in the beautifully stunning waters of the Mediterranean sea.

You can find some impressions on YouTube at @KuxArt.


Krakow, Gdansk

In preparation, Birgit and Klaus Kux explored all details for their visit to Gdansk and Krakow. However, planned activities mixed with spontaneous art decisions, which you can watch in two videos on the YouTube channel @KuxArt. Further, the artistic project pyramid is slowly but surely progressing towards completion.

Study trip to Switzerland

The artistic work on the "Pyramid" is slowly but steadily approaching its peak.

In search of the world's greatest pyramid, according to Kux's loose definition, a study trip to Switzerland was a must for the couple. The Matterhorn exceeded all expectations in terms of its radiance.

Other destinations included the cities of Chur, Bern, and Zurich.

Doha (Qatar)

It was not a "Trip to Tunisia 1914" (Klee, Macke, Moilliet), but nonetheless, traveling continues to set new benchmarks and push the boundaries of what is achievable in art.

This was evident during Kux's visit to Doha (Qatar), in April 2023. Birgit, his wife, captured some amazing photos, while Kux himself brought two "pyramids" to the heart of the city.

Both extend their gratitude to Doha for the warm hospitality. A few impressions from the journey can be found here, and two additional short films can be explored in the "pyramid".

Island of Sal

In January 2023, Birgit and Klaus Kux spent a few days on the Cape Verde island of Sal. The geologically impressive area offered great opportunities for photography. They talked to many residents of the island and it was again very interesting to learn about the challenges of the people at a particular intersection of cultures.


Florence and the eternal question: What is Art?

After many years, Kux returned to Florence in the fall of 2022. Florance was the workplace of artists who have lived up to their role model function. However, this visit was different, as he attempted to interweave some of his ideas with those of the "classics." This resulted in further small film collages, which perhaps amusingly point to epoch-making developmental steps.


London Paddington

After about a year of work on the "Pyramid," Kux is able to determine a certain intermediate status. The overall work of art is developing according to his ideas. The planned projects in public spaces are being realized. However, the course of the artwork also allows for reacting to spontaneous events. This happened during his last study trip to London, as the death of Queen Elizabeth II deeply moved him.


Start of the Pyramid

In January 2022, the "Pyramid" made its way back to Tenerife. At this point it was planned to show a photo of the summit of Teide, the highest mountain in Spain. However, unfortunately, the circumstances were a bit difficult this time, so the artwork was installed on the harbor pier of Adeje. This resulted in a completely different visual relationship, as Teide is now very small in the background.

Design of roundabout B180 Altenburg

Kux dealt with his design for the design of a roundabout on the B180 in Altenburg. Historical city views, a reference to the card game "Skat," as well as a symbolic connection to the roundabout in Callenberg form the content-related approaches.



In the fall of 2021, Kux stayed with his wife in Gran Canaria. Against the backdrop of current events and knowing the history of the island, Kux chose this place, referred to by him as a so-called power place, to start another work of art.


Using almost boundless formal means, he embarks on a poetic journey through an art space and establishes connections between the past, present, and future.

Sinfonie IX – The simple things

Symphony IX - The Simple Things

Currently, Kux is focusing on the visual aspect of his work as a high school art teacher. Videos with the subtitle "Identities" are being integrated into the overall work of art "Symphony IX - The Simple Things".

Sinfonie IX – The simple things

Symphony IX - The Simple Things

Kux recognizes that the world is going through significant changes, with a focus on the increasing digitization of society and the importance of sustainable environmental practices.<

As a result of these developments, he decided to embark on a new project: creating another complete work of art called "Symphony IX - The Simple Things". The planned work will feature many short art films depicting everyday life. But what does "everyday life" really mean? That remains to be seen, so stay tuned.


Rückblick auf vergangene Projekte

After successfully completing the comprehensive artwork "in dialog" under rapidly changing conditions in 2020, Kux used the first months of 2021 to look back on past projects. Additionally, the Museum hall of kux art continues to be completed, particularly the section on mail art from the 1990s.

Mailart Kunst

Time travel and fear

Kux's interest was exclusively focused on art and no anti-state activities could be proven against him. Moreover, the Stasi never really understood what mail art was.

In January 1989, the surveillance was discontinued.

Kux is aware of the names of the people who carried out the surveillance. Nevertheless, he has drawn a clear line under this period.

Mailart Kunst

Time Travel

The image on the left makes a clear statement.

However, this stamp impression takes us back to the time between 1983 and 1990 and to the GDR (East Germany).

During this time, Kux was active in the mail art scene scene. He maintained art contacts in over 20 countries around the world.

As a result, Kux was under surveillance by the Ministry of State Security of the GDR for 7 years.

This tension, however, was the origin of his great passion for ART!

Please find impressions from this time in the hall of kuxart.

In dialogue

In dialogue | 在对话中

The comprehensive artwork "In dialogue" by Klaus Kux becomes a witness to an epochal change.

克劳斯·库克斯(Klaus Kux)的“对话中”艺术作品见证了时代的变化。

Neues Bauhausmuseum Dessau

Visit of the new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau

Kux visited the New Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, historical sites in Torgau and Aislingen (Donau), and Bitterfeld to collect materials in the last few weeks. Bitterfeld, a nearly forgotten place today, had significant importance for the development of art in the GDR. The "old" Kulturpalast Bitterfeld played a major role in this regard.

Neues Bauhausmuseum Dessau
Unvergänglichkeit der Kunst

The final entry? China 2019

DThe small watercolor painting symbolically illustrates the final entry in the art projects of the last 10 years. This marks the completion of a significant phase of Kux's artistic work, primarily focused on creating Gesamtkunstwerke, while continuing to expand the "hall of Kux-art" museum.

Now, new and exciting themes await! If all goes well, Klaus Kux plans to explore new cultural circles, incorporating photography, video, history, and elements of Fluxus/Action Art into his future projects.

China 2019 China 2019
100 Jahre Ende erster Weltkrieg Deatz Centrum Lichtenstein

100 years since the end of World War I

On November 11, 2018, as part of the commemorative event "100 Years End of World War I", Kux presented his art at the Museum of the City of Lichtenstein (Daetz-Centrum). This marked the end of his four-year total and process art project "Symphony VIII - Memory".

Reise nach Schottland Juli 2018

Scottland 2018

In July 2018, Kux traveled to Scotland. He visited Edinburgh, the Scottish Parliament, Glasgow, Stirling, Musselburgh, and of course, Loch Ness. Although he did not see "Nessie", he was very impressed by the sights and the people who live their culture.

Once again, he collected numerous documents for his Gesamtkunstwerk "Symphony VIII - Remembrance". Representatively, his visit to Rosebank cemetery in Edinburgh should be mentioned, a memorial site for the Gretna disaster in 1915.

Kreisverkehr Gemeinde Callenberg 2018

A sign for Callenberg

50.850787 | 12.635694

Frankreich 2018

Visit to the front lines of World War I in France.

On Easter weekend 2018, Birgit and Klaus Kux visited Noyon in France. Noyon is worth seeing, the people are very friendly, and the architecture is typically French. However, the history of this city was also shaped by the events of World War I, as the front line ran through here. Traces of these battles can still be clearly seen on some buildings and on the cathedral.

For Kux, it was more than just a tourist trip.

Birgit and Klaus Kux also walked several kilometers of the former front line. They laid flowers at the French-German war cemetery in Thiescourt. These are moments in life that one never forgets!

The artwork "Symphony VIII - Remembrance" from 2014 to 2018 is thus coming to an end.

Frankreich 2018
Cordoba, Februar 2018

Cordoba 2018

The first art trip in the "Year of Silence" took Kux to Cordoba, the third largest city in Andalusia (Spain). In a sensitive contemplation of the alleys of the old town or when visiting the Mezquita-Cathedral, he reflected on processes of change.

You can see an art photo series in the museum hall of kux-art.

Riga, Dezember 2017

Riga 2017

At the end of 2017, the art trip went eastward to Riga, the capital of Latvia. The varied history of this city can be read in detail in the cityscape. Kux was also impressed by the friendliness of the people and the peaceful coexistence of different nationalities. The locals smiled when Kux applied his "ancient" knowledge of Russian or tried out simple words in Latvian.

You can find some impressions of Riga here.

As part of his total work of art Symphony VIII - Memory, Kux also visited the war cemetery and laid flowers in silent commemoration.

Peace is the greatest good of human beings.

Portomão und Lissabon, Oktober 2017

Vasco da Gama

In October 2017, Kux added some puzzle pieces to his artworks again, this time in Portugal (Portimão and Lisbon).

Through the study of appropriate literature and meditation in nature (impressions here), he reflected on the past, present, and, if all goes well, new horizons.

Rückblick Römische Sinfonie II

2017 - Ten years ago

Exactly 10 years after having completed the works on "Roman Symphony II," Kux visited well-known sites of the 2007 tour, though this time by train.

This tour had a rather contemplative character. Unbelievable but true, both in Trento and in Reggio Emilia he met those associates in the communities who he already knew from the tour back in 2007.

Another amazing supplement to the works was added in Rosenheim.

The structures of Kux' Whole Works of Art form links. These are parts of the gigantic puzzle as well as the impressions of the voyage melt and create a new artistic approach.

Stierkampfarena Sevilla 2017

Bullfighting in Seville

In the summer of 2017, Kux stayed in southern Spain. The photo shows his rather critical view near the bullring of Seville. You can find some impressions of the Cathedral of Seville here

documenta Kassel 2017

documenta - Luther and Kux

A short visit took Kux to Kassel and Eisenach on April 18 and 19, 2017. Among other things, small humorous fragments were created for "t games."

Please find impressions and impressions from the past and present here.

Wartburg Eisenach 2017
Fuerteventura 2017

Let's not forget drawing!

In February 2017, Klaus Kux traveled to the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. A place of peace, just right to create new graphic facts. You can see a small selection here.

Geburtshaus von Picasso

Visiting Picasso's birthplace

On October 17, 2016, Klaus Kux fulfilled a long-held wish: In Malaga, southern Spain, he visited Picasso's birthplace. You can find more detailed information here.

In addition, during his visit, he was fascinated by the city of Malaga as an extraordinary metropolis of Andalusia.

Impressionen aus Kopenhagen 2016

Impressions from Copenhagen 2016

From July 7 to 9, 2016, Kux visited the Danish capital Copenhagen. You can find some photographic impressions here.

After visiting the free city of Christiania (see Netnetismus), Kux became thoughtful.

Kunst: offen in Sachsen 2016

12th Open Art in Saxony, May 14th, 2016

On May 14th, 2016, Klaus Kux will open his studio again as part of the 12th Open Art in Saxony. At the same time, the hall of kux-art basement - a new internet presentation - featuring works by Kux from the 1980s will be opened/unlocked online. On-site in the studio, you can view the works exhibited online as originals.


From February 12th to 19th, 2016, Klaus Kux stayed in Tenerife (Spain). Kux was impressed by the natural beauty of the forests in higher elevations, but also by his visit to MACEW, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Puerto de la Cruz.

Community Picture for Callenberg

In December 2015, Klaus Kux created a work of art for his hometown of Callenberg. For this, he tested his skill in bricklaying. An impression video can be found here. Furthermore, there was an article from the local official gazette.


Please watch the video.

Ibiza - just a holiday island?

Probably not! From October 17th to 24th, 2015, Kux visited Ibiza. Particularly noteworthy were his visits to the Paris Church of Santa Eulària, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the impressive harbor city of Eivissa. Some impressions can be found here.

During the stay, the theoretical aspects of ICON 2.015 were also completed.

IMPERMANENCE of another dimension

On July 25th, 2015, Klaus Kux visited Butrint, a city where numerous cultures left their traces. Today, Butrint is a tourist magnet in Albania, near Saranda. Impressed by the testimonies of the past, Kux used the site to receive new impulses.

A coming and going. - You can find the impression video here.

beautifully IMPERMANENT: you have to CROSS bridges

From June 26th to July 26th, 2015, the exhibition beautifully IMPERMANENT takes place as part of the European Festival Weeks in Passau. Visitors can now see Klaus Kux's art in the St. Anna Chapel. The exhibition addresses his mail art - art as well as the drawings from the art action "With the Racing Bike to Rome" from the overall work of art "Roman Symphony II" from 2007.

An impression video can be found here..

2007 ... 2015

From February 14th to 17th, 2015, Klaus Kux visited the Italian city of Roveretto for the second time. On the one hand, this completed a circle for Kux ("Roman Symphony II, 2007"), and on the other hand, the overall work of art Symphony VIII - Remembrance was supplemented with additional very important content. You can view the "Silent Activity" for Roveretto here.

New dimensions in the art of the 21st century!

On January 22nd, 2015, Klaus Kux gave a lecture on his overall work of art from 2007, the Roman Symphony II, at the invitation of the Erzgebirgsverein Hohenstein-Ernstthal. Although the artistic background is rather serious, the guests experienced a very lively and light-hearted evening through numerous anecdotes during the course of the work of art.

Visit of Sicily

From October 19th to 25th, 2014, Klaus Kux visited the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily. It was once a land bridge connecting Europe and Africa. Today, the mainly hilly and mountainous island is an autonomous region of the Italian Republic. Sicily is also characterized by a tumultuous history. Some Sicilian accents can be found here. Have fun watching the video.

Dublin - Black Pond

From October 11th to 18th, 2014 - Baile Átha Cliath: Collect Irish impressions here.

Langstrecken Schwimmen Stausee Oberwald

Long-distance swimming in Oberwald reservoir

On July 27th, 2014, Klaus Kux successfully participated in the long-distance swimming across the Oberwald reservoir. Despite 28 degrees Celsius air temperature, the 3000 meters were not a refreshing experience for the 49 participants. In his age group, Klaus Kux placed 6th with 55 minutes and 52 seconds, and 28th place overall among all participants.

Kunst: offen in Sachsen 2014

10th Art: Open in Saxony | June 7th, 2014

As part of the 10th Art: Open in Saxony on June 7th, Klaus Kux opened his studio.

Visitors had the chance to saw pictures and drawings from the archive as well as information about the overall artwork Symphony VIII - Remembrance.

2014- Power of Art

2014 - Power of Art

Klaus Kux created a teacher-student contribution with drummer Dustin Frese for the 12th TALENT event of Lessing Gymnasium Hohenstein-Ernstthal. The performance called The Power of Art offered the audience an exciting mix of rhythmic drum beats combined with energetic drawing. Klaus Kux thus achieved a connection to his prior project The poetry of portrait from 2005.

Please find the video of "The Power of Art," produced by Niclas Püschel, here.

2014- time to reset

2014 - time to reset

Sinfonie VIII - Erinnerung, erster Weltkrieg

Announcement of new project

New project for 2014 to 2018: Symphony VIII - Remembrance.

Sinfonie VII - Poesie der Steine 2013 - Oystermouth Castle

Visits in recent weeks

In recent weeks, Klaus Kux visited Swansea, Cardiff, Caerphilly, and Oystermouth Castle.

Sinfonie VII - Poesie der Steine 2013 - Kloster Jerichow

Jerichow Monastery

Just be silent for a moment

Denmark - Germany ... hurra, hurra, hurra! :)

Sinfonie VII - Poesie der Steine 2013 - Aktion Hadrianswall

Hadrian's Wall & London

From July 28, 2013 to August 2, 2013, Klaus Kux hiked the Hadrian's Wall in Great Britain together with his sports friend Dirk Knedel. Thanks to high fitness and many years of experience, both were able to successfully complete the tour. After a final grueling march, Klaus Kux decided to end the trip for himself on August 1, 2013 in Carlisle, Sheepmount Reception. This saved a valuable day to visit London and send greetings to George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

Sinfonie VII - Poesie der Steine 2013 - Aktion Hadrianswall

Hadrian's Wall

In the context of Sinfonie VII, from July 28, 2013 to August 2, 2013, Klaus Kux will hike the Hadrian's Wall in Great Britain together with his sports friend Dirk Knedel. As the photo shows, it will involve not only ancient stones but also daily newspapers.

But what does Malta have to do with Hadrian's Wall in Great Britain? ... well, many things are very British, very Roman, and everything else is in the history books. :)

Besuch auf Malta im Rahmen der Sinfonie VII - Poesie der Steine 2013


From July 14, 2013 to July 23, 2013, Klaus Kux visited the southern European island state of Malta as part of Sinfonie VII - Poetry of Stones and created several new videos and drawings.

Ausstellung Kunst im Garten Hohenstein-Ernstthal, 2013

Art in the garden

As part of the exhibition "Kunst im Garten" in the city garden of Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Klaus Kux participated with his Sinfonie VII - Poetry of Stones.

Klaus Kux beim Fishermans Strongman Run 2013

Fisherman's Strongman Run

Klaus Kux also attended the Fisherman's Strongman Run at the Nürburgring this year as a companion for a sports friend and as a accompanying photographer.

Sinfonie VII - Poesie der Steine, Klaus Kux

Announcement of new project

New project for 2013 Sinfonie VII - Poetry of Stones

Dublin - Irische Impressionen 2012


In October, Klaus Kux sought relaxation/meditation on the dream island of Madeira. Enjoying the silence of Encumeada, new strength was gained. But it was also a reflection to be close to the place that has significant meaning in Kux's artwork Sinfonie IV - Big puzzle.

Dublin - Irische Impressionen 2012


In October 2012, a study trip took Klaus Kux to Dublin, Ireland. He was enthusiastic about the city, its architecture, the people who always answered questions about directions in a friendly manner. A thick sketchbook and numerous photo series were created.

Kunst verbindet (Hohenstein-Ernstthal und Burghausen) 2012

Art connects

Under the motto "Art connects", the cultural department of the city of Hohenstein-Ernstthal organized an exhibition of artists from the partner city of Burghausen and artists from the region around Hohenstein-Ernstthal.

Dänemark mit dem Rennrad, Klaus Kux

Long Nordic Route

Klaus Kux was able to collect many new and peculiar experiences on his trip to Denmark. Under the title Long Nordic Route, he covered over 1050 kilometers with his racing bike.

100 Jahre Pfaffenberg Turnhalle Hohenstein-Ernstthal

100th anniversary of the Pfaffenberg Turnhalle Hohenstein-Ernstthal

From June 29, 2012 to July 1, 2012, Klaus Kux exhibited a selection of his works as part of the 100th anniversary of the Pfaffenberg Turnhalle Hohenstein-Ernstthal.

100 Jahre Pfaffenberg Turnhalle Hohenstein-Ernstthal

8th Open Art in Saxony

As part of the 8th edition of Kunst: offen in Sachsen and after three interdisciplinary total works of art (2007, 2009, 2011), Klaus Kux opened his art archive and showed pictures and drawings from the 90s.

Sinfonie V - Meditation, Klaus Kux

Announcement of new project

New project for 2012: Sinfonie V - Meditation, Klaus Kux. Data backup, reflection.

Sinfonie VI - Anschauungen zu Sparta erfolgreich beendet

Symphony VI - Ideas of Sparta completed

The project for the year 2011, Symphony VI - Ideas of Sparta, was successfully completed on time at the end of the year. 2011 was an extremely athletic year for Klaus Kux. He managed to further connect art with sports with Symphony VI - Ideas of Sparta. He always pushed his physical limits and often exceeded them. But the mind was also strongly challenged. Klaus Kux dealt with many current and historical topics (see The Last 300).

Sinfonie IV - Großes Puzzle, 100 Anschreiben

Symphony IV - Great Puzzle completed

The collection The Game from the Gesamtkunstwerk Symphony IV - Great Puzzle (2009) is now finished. Many thanks to all those involved who diligently wrote what could happen in the next 100 years to Klaus Kux.

Sinfonie VI

Update on Symphony VI - Ideas of Sparta

Symphony VI: The project for the year 2011, Symphony VI - Ideas of Sparta, is slowly coming to an end. 264 positions of The Last 300 are filled. The latest videos establish a local reference on the one hand, and on the other hand, the connection to history is once again sought.

Klaus Kux beim Fishermans Strongman Run 2011

Fisherman's Strongman Run 2011

Klaus Kux at the Fisherman's Strongman Run 2011: On April 17, 2011, Klaus Kux participated in the legendary Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run. 10,940 participants took up the challenge. Klaus Kux finished in 6,574th place with a time of 3:26:31 hours.

Sinfonie VI - Anschauungen zu Sparta (ideas of Sparta)

Announcement of new project

New project for 2011: Symphony VI - Ideas of Sparta.

Sinfonie V - Meditation, Klaus Kux

Announcement of new project

New project for 2010: Symphony V - Meditation.

KUNST: offen in Sachsen 2009

6th Open Art in Saxony

From May 22nd to May 24th, 2010, the 6th ART: Open in Saxony took place. As in previous years, it was a great success. Many art enthusiasts followed the invitation and admired paintings and graphics under the title Symphony IV - Great Puzzle, 2009, subtitle: "Europe resembles the Janus head".

Sinfonie IV Klaus Kux Rouén

Update Symphony IV - Great Puzzle

From April 5th, 2010 to April 8th, 2010, Klaus Kux was in Rouen. There he carried out his last action for his art work Symphony IV - Great Puzzle.

Klaus Kux und Katja Polotzek

Klaus Kux and Katja Polotzek

On Sunday, March 7th, 2010, Klaus Kux and Katja Polotzek opened their studios from 10 am to 6 pm for art and fashion enthusiasts. Both artists considered the exhibition "Perspectives" to be a success.

KuxArt auf Youtube

Storming the Bastille

The new video Storming the Bastille, which was filmed in Paris, is now online on KuxArt's YouTube channel. It can also be found under Symphony IV - Great Puzzle.

Sinfonie IV Klaus Kux Wien


From December 27th, 2009 to December 29th, 2009, Klaus Kux visited Vienna to complete the penultimate stage of his art work Symphony IV - Great Puzzle.

Sinfonie IV Klaus Kux Paris Eifelturm


From December 11th, 2009 to December 13th, 2009, Klaus Kux carried out further art actions for his art work Symphony IV - Great Puzzle.

Sinfonie IV Klaus Kux

Update on Symphony IV - Great Puzzle

Many new pictures and descriptions of the actions of the art work Symphony IV - Great Puzzle are now online. The illustrations for the book LEGION III ITALICA can also be found there.

KuxArt auf Youtube

Follow KuxArt on Youtube

Klaus Kux can now be found on Youtube under the name KuxArt. His first video has already been released, and many more will follow in the coming weeks. It's worth taking a look.

KUNST: offen in Sachsen 2009

5th Open Art in Saxony

Klaus Kux participated in the 5th KUNST: offen in Sachsen. From May 30th to June 1st, 2009, many art enthusiasts once again visited his studio in Callenberg.