Klaus Kux

My art is the attempt to accompany a starting millenium in its complexity.


A poetic journey through space, time, data and coordinates

Symphony IX – The simple things

observe - work out - check - internalize

What is pleasant is the activity of the present, the hope of the future, the memory of the past (Aristotle)

Those who want to be happy all the time, must change frequently. (Confucius)

Immortality/Finalizing the digital museum „hall of kux art“

Year of silence/ data backup/ termination „Symphony VIII – Reminder“


(My) Art 2017 - neither tied to material nor time and space.


Nothing is as it seems to be.


Travelling - comparing - transferring

Symphony VIII – Reminder

A reflection on the concept of "responsibility," flowers to avoid oblivion.

Symphony VII – Poetry of Stones

Aesthetics of old stones, people in pictures, extreme hike along Hadrian's Wall.

Art break

A Great Northern line.

Symphony VI - Ideas of Sparta

300 items, search for clues in Delphi, Marathon, Athens, sporting peak experiences.

Symphony V - Meditation

“When Messina was arising, Rome was still a meadow.” Sicilian saying

Symphony IV - Great Puzzle

Complex work of art and the question: When does Europe begin?

Roman Symphony II

Complex work of art and an advance to the "status" Rome.

The poetry of portrait

It is this wonderful awareness of life using your mind and body when all senses are amenable. Klaus Kux