Klaus Kux

Sinfonie IX – Die einfachen Sachen | Symphony IX – The simple things

Colors in the park
Spring bloomer
Brick pond (Lugau, Saxony, Germany)
Easter ducks
The moon
An old way
Bank dying
Saturday, 1st May 2021
I see colors
Stones at work
Insect hunting
A coming and going
Ferryman I`ll take you to the other bank
Slide out of the frame
2000 and some meters more
London memory
Shape converter
The kingmakers head joints
A piece of bread for our duke
Forces of nature
Overcome structures
Rolands everyday life
Medicinal plant
The easer of order
The poetry of the open form
The kingmakers on the balcony
The kingmasters friends
The kingmakers lemon butterfly
Kingmakers everything is possible
Towards each other

Closed form 2021

beobachten – erarbeiten – überprüfen - verinnerlichen
observe - work out - check - internalize